Tactical Image Delta Force (aka “Delta”) is a 21-lb mixy mix (Border Collie, Whippet, and terrier) born on January 29, 2020. She is super sweet, whip-smart, athletic, and drivey, with a wonderful silly personality. When tugging, she will “woof” back and forth with you, and she also loves to wrestle giant sticks in the woods while growling and barking (it often sounds like the stick is winning!). At just 14 months old, Delta performed with the Canine Stars on the season 16 premiere of America‚Äôs Got Talent, wowing the judges with her dance routine. She also performed across North America with the Canine Stars, showing off her freestyle dance/disc moves, as well as agility and high jumping. Delta debuted in flyball in June 2022, impressing us with her speed. Her current line-to-line PB is 3.604 seconds. In 2022, she helped ADGW win the CanAm Championships in Regular Division II. Delta lives with Rugby, Pixel, and Fable.