(NAFA points/racing history)

Diesel was found wandering the village of Koliganek at approximately three months old in February 2015. He was flown to Anchorage on a commuter flight, arriving thin, starving, and smelling of diesel fuel. I had every intention of finding him a loving home, but the longer he stayed, the more I fell in love with him. Diesel is a loyal, happy, high-energy dog, who constantly wants to please. He has excellent nose work skills, is athletic, and loves his Nylabones, Chuck It, and tennis balls. In addition to flyball, Diesel loves fetching, playing with his brothers, going for walks, cuddling, relaxing in front of the wood stove, and hanging with the pack. He would have made an excellent search and rescue dog. At times he can be a little devil and destroyer but offers unconditional companionship and is very loved. He lives with his two rescued brothers Wilson and Leo.