In 2010, Linda Sell, DVM of Quick Silver adopted Jiffy–a skinny flea-ridden 10 month old pup–from the Cass County Animal Control. Lucky dog! In November 2015, ADGW was in need of a height dog and Linda generously offered to loan us Jiffy, a fully trained flyball dog. Being a one dog family (with TOBY, our wonderful chocolate Labrador retriever), we decided to house him. I got to have my first flyball dog. Lucky me! Jiffy and I have had a great time improving our flyball skills together (it has been a learning experience for us both). This “loan” soon became permanent and I can’t imagine not having this noisy, quirky, NOISY, smart, and NOISY fella in our family. Thank you Linda! In 2021, Jiffy earned the Iron Dog award for 10 consecutive years of flyball competition. Then, in April 2023, he went on to earn the FGDCh-50K title, making him only the second dog in Alaska to attain this level.