Kilo was born April 23, 2014 to a border collie mother and an Australian shepherd/heeler father in North Pole. He earned the title of “fun police” in puppy class and continues to keep things lively. Kilo is obsessive, bossy, and sensitive, and he likes to train. His favorite activity is chasing…snowflakes, flowing water, and of course balls. Kilo also loves joining his human and Maize on hikes and snowshoe outings. Kilo debuted in April 2017 at our Spring Fever Flyball Fest. In October 2019, Kilo ran on our regular team that won the CanAm Championship in Division II, also helping ADGW break into the 15s for the first time. In 2020, Kilo received the NAFA Region 18 MVP award. In 2023, due to a musculoskeletal injury, Kilo retired from flyball and is pursuing his other favorite sport nosework.