(NAFA points/racing history)
CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
NGC, OAC, OJC, JS-N, GS-N, RS-O (Agility)
UWP, WD (Weight pulling)
1995 – 2010

Colby was born on 11/29/95 and left us on 5/7/10 from complications from a surgery to remove a cantaloupe-size bleeding mass on his spleen. The mass turned out to be hemangiosarcoma, the very same cancer his buddy Willoughby died from on 12/22/12. For more information about this devastating cancer, visit the modiano-lab (University of Minnesota).
         Colby was an amazing dog with an extraordinarily positive outlook on life–our good-natured, huggable boy. With Colby’s help, we learned how to play flyball (PB 5.230 seconds), agility, weight pulling, and (his favorite) Frisbee. For many years, Colby competed in the Skyhoundz Frisbee championships, finishing 2nd at a competition in Durham, NC in 2002. Colby made sports look easy because he was that kind of dog; he did everything well and he did it with enthusiasm. But Colby’s greatest achievement and goal in life was loving his family and friends with all of his heart, and he did this with such openness and honesty.
         We miss our big brown teddy bear. We miss the little things that made Colby Colby: the routine snuffling sweeps he made through the kitchen, his coffee table clearing tail, the way he licked and licked and licked his bowl after each meal until we couldn’t stand it anymore, and the way, in his later years, he brought up the rear on our walks, courageously keeping up the pace–our chugging caboose. Thank you Colby for giving us so much in life, and for the memories that will make us smile for a long time to come.