Bull Durham was born in April 2003 on a dog fighting lot in Kentucky. He was 5.5 months old when law enforcement officers removed him, his siblings, and 13 adult fighting dogs. They also found a meth lab. Even at such a young age, Durham had a lot of scars on his body. He was also later diagnosed with elbow displaysia. We adopted Durham through the web site Pit Bull Rescue Central. He was a small boy, weighing only 37 lbs, and very energetic. He loved to tug, play Frisbee, and “tackle” a giant beach ball. Durham excelled in weight pulling and learned to play flyball. He was also a cuddler and the sweetest little kisser. One of his favorite pasttimes was to “unmake” beds, leaving all of the covers in a wad at the foot. Durham was our beautiful, sweet boy. We miss you, Little Buddy.