Born in rural Alaska on 8/22/07, this Copper River dog’s dad was a Bernese Mountain Dog and her mother a petite black lab. However, Guinness (more commonly, Ginny) has never been known as petite. Dark and tall like her owner’s favorite brew, this big happy girl does not know her own size or strength. Those long legs were an asset when taking the jumps, and her lab retrieving skills propelled her toward the ball and made her a fool for a good tug. When young, Ginny enjoyed playing with her many doggy friends, sitting or standing on her loved ones, particularly her cat, and burying bones and treats throughout the house and yard. In 2011, Ginny received the NAFA Region 18 MVP award, and in 2017 she received the Iron Dog award for 10 consecutive years of flyball competition. Her personal best in flyball was 4.194 seconds. Ginny passed away on 5/31/23 at the age of 15 3/4.