Gus was an English cocker spaniel born April 15, 2009. The AKC breed book describes the English cocker as a merry dog. I could not imagine how a dog would have a merry demeanor until Gus joined the household. He loved his two dog housemates Heather and Signe, and Gabby the cat. Gus and Signe spent all day running and tussling in the yard. When I came home in the evening he was ready for our afternoon run and fetch time. When he ran toward me, I swear he was smiling! He was so playful, and he just knew that every person and animal was put on the earth to play with him. Gus loved to run and hike and in the winter he joined me when I would back country ski. Part of the reason I wanted a dog was as an exercise companion and also as a hang-out buddy. We had the exercise part down…it was the hang-out part we had to work on! Gus earned the NAFA Iron Dog award in flyball in 2020 for 10 consecutive years of flyball competition. His personal best was 4.804 seconds.