Relentless Pursuit “Lenny” was born February 10, 2008 in Oregon. Lenny was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and came to join his older sisters us at the age of 8 weeks. Although he was outnumbered as the only male, he held his own quite well in barking, tugging, and chasing the other dogs. In the summer, Lenny spent his time at our cabin taking long walks and swimming. In the winter, he loved to tunnel under the deep snow where you could only see his wagging tail. Lenny loved the jumps at flyball and became a fun and reliable flyball height dog. In 2014, he received the NAFA Region 18 MVP award and, in 2019, he earned the Iron Dog award for 10 consecutive years of flyball competition. Lenny’s personal best was 5.764 seconds.