peanuT was a rat terrier born on June 9, 2009 to a breeder in Kansas. Sold to a military family on Ft. Riley, peanuT soon found herself on craigslist in 2010 where we spotted her. From the moment she joined our family we knew peanuT was a special dog. She had amazing recall, a fearless attitude, and loads of energy. Her favorite activities included ball chasing, holding the ball in her mouth while riding in the car, looking for her ball when it wasn’t around, and of course flyball. At only 6 lbs, peanuT has the distinction of being the smallest dog to ever run with ADGW, and run in Region 18. peanuT received the Iron Dog award in 2021 for 10 consecutive years of flyball competition. Her personal best was 5.715 seconds. Not bad for a tiny terrier!