(NAFA points/racing history)
1997 – 2011

Despite her tawdry beginnings (we found her in-heat, wandering in Spenard on a Friday night), Phoebe secured her special place in our hearts and home. Our best guess is that she was born in October 1997. Although she was quite the “Zen” dog (with a quiet and calm centeredness that I envy), Phoebe could really turn on the speed and had lots of skill and enthusiasm for agility, flyball, chasing her Malinois brother Rio, and rolling in really stinky stuff!
         At the age of 10, Phoebe began favoring her rear left leg. X-rays revealed that she had a pin in her hip and associated arthritis. A year later, Phoebe developed severe glaucoma in her right eye and it had to be removed. Who’d have guessed she could look even sweeter with just one eye?!
         At the age of 13, Phoebe’s kidneys began to fail. Our sweet Phoebe angel left us on 7/22/11.