Born in the summer of 2012, Py, a papillon, was destined for the big top. Twirling and jumping, she amazed people with feats of daring not generally seen in a tiny dog. But, she still wanted more. Giving up her promising career in the circus, Py ran away, hoping to be placed with a flyball family (having seen an ADGW demo where she quickly fell in love with the sport). Faking an injury, she was placed with Polar Pug and Friends Rescue. To her joy, and that of her new family, she came to rest with an ADGW founder. Her petite size and amazing jumping skills led her to a top trainer and a new future as a flyball height dog. Not missing her past under the big top, Py could not be happier. Her personal best in flyball was 5.862 seconds. Our sweet little girl left us on 12/12/22.