(NAFA points/racing history)
2004/05 – 2020

Rocky was a 70+ lbs Lab/Husky/Pit mix. He was approximately 1-2 years old when he showed up at his future foster mom’s house severely underweight. He brought along a rock for someone to throw for him, so she named him “Rocky.” She contacted Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue to get him into rescue. ADGW member Kathy adopted him six weeks later, in September 2006. Rocky was a ball nut who loved to play fetch. He became a reliable flyball player who enjoyed every race he got to run. His ADGW personal best was 4.849 seconds.
         Sadly, Kathy passed away in 2017. Rocky was a lucky fellow and was adopted by another ADGW member where he was loved and cared for until he passed away in February 2020.