CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
O-NCC, TN-E, S-TN-N, OAC, EJC, WV-N, RS-N, JV-N (Agility)
1998 – 2016

Sparky was a Siberian Husky mix rescued in late 1998 at 10 months of age from a home that was just too busy for him. Sparky was a handful at first; he never came when called and constantly escaped. He had no use for humans and simply could not be motivated by the usual means. One of our first obedience instructors told me, “You might try giving him up and finding a dog you can actually train.” But when Sparky discovered agility he became a happier, more obedient husky. He competed in NADAC and ASCA agility and received numerous titles.
         Sparky never had an interest in tennis balls, believing retrieving was beneath him. When he was almost 8 years old, I began in earnest to teach him – no easy task! Eventually, with a little patience and a lot of cat food (his favorite), he learned to happily run to the box and bring back the ball. His success was short-lived; at 10 years old Sparky retired from flyball due to a damaged cranial cruciate ligament. Sparky lived a long life, passing away at the age of 18.