FD (honorary)
2001 – 2009

Sweetpea, an American Pit Bull Terrier, was born sometime in the late summer of 2001. She was nearly a year old when Scott adopted her from Anchorage Animal Control. The staff gave her the name “Sweetpea” to suit her friendly, carefree disposition. Most days she spent quietly at home, where her hobbies included sleeping, chewing rawhide bones, and more sleeping.
         In the summer of 2009, after more than 4 patient years of flyball training, Sweetpea was ready to try her paw at competition. But then she began to limp. On 7/8/09 she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her  scapula. Despite the pain, Sweetpea was as sweet as ever, generously handing out kisses to everyone around her. The disease advanced quickly and on 8/6/09 Sweetpea was released from her pain.
         Due to her proficiency at flyball, and to the undaunted perseverance of her handler/dad Scott, the members of ADGW bestowed upon Sweetpea the much-deserved honorary title of Flyball Dog.