(NAFA points/racing history)
NJC, JS-N (Agility)
1994 – 2007

Toby was born in August 1994 and was twice the size and four times the spirit of her siblings. A stand-out from the beginning, she was destined for dog sports. With an excess of energy, she blew off obedience for agility in what some termed kindly as “high spirits.” Quickly mastering the jumpers course, other agility titles escaped her grasp as she outstripped her handlers, often able to take an obstacle several times before the next command was given. She took one flyball class and fell in love; it was truly her sport, combining so many things she loved–jumping, running, and retrieving balls. Although arthritis set in, Toby did not let this get her down. She continued to enjoy swimming, running with friends, retrieving Frisbees and balls, and performing in ADGW demos. Full of life, joy, and energy, Toby left us in October of 2007. She is missed, but the special joy she taught us lives on.