(NAFA points/racing history)
New! 2013 Region 18 MVP! New!
CGC, Delta Pet Partners Therapy Dog
NAC, NCC, OJC, TN-E, JS-N, NAJ (Agility)
2004 – 2017

Dogman’s Wild Zoomerang, aka “Zoom,” was a Siberian Husky I found in the spring of 2004 wandering the streets of Anchorage at the age of four months old. I was able to contact his owner who told me he had dumped Zoom (then “Duke”) because he was hyper and not potty trained. I didn’t intend to keep him but the little guy stole my heart! Zoom was as brilliant as he was charming; he obtained his Canine Good Citizen certificate by the age of nine months and was a natural at agility and flyball. He made his agility debut in late 2005 and earned numerous titles. In 2006, Zoom became a Pet Partners Therapy Dog through the Delta Society and visited senior citizens and children at Providence Hospital. In 2013, Zoom received the NAFA Region 18 MVP award in flyball, and the Iron Dog award in 2014 for 10 consecutive years of racing. His personal best in flyball was 4.620 seconds. Zoom passed away on September 2017 from cancer.