Zoya was born in January 2006 and left us on June 29, 2023. When we adopted her from the Mat-Su Animal Shelter, she immediately fit right into our household; it was as if she had always lived with us. Zoya weighed a petite 26 pounds and an Embark DNA test revealed she was mostly husky, sheltie, and pug. Zoya was incredibly fast and agile, and she dared any dog to catch her. She was sweet, affectionate, and calm indoors. Based on how well she did in her first obedience class, she could have had a storied career in the obedience ring. However, we all agreed (Zoya included) flyball trumped obedience when it came to the fun factor. In 2017, Zoya ran on our regular team that won the CanAm Championship in Division VI. That same year she also received the Iron Dog award for 10 consecutive years of flyball competition. It was an incredible honor when Zoya was inducted into the NAFA Hall of Fame in 2021! Her flyball PB was 4.437 seconds.