Milady is a border collie born May 15, 2017. She arrived at our house from Copper River at eight weeks old. Milady loves other dogs, especially when she gets to herd the ones at the dog park. She loves University Lake and will chase her ball into the water. If the ball goes too far, she waits patiently for a lab or retriever to swim out and bring it back. Milady lives with five ferrets who continue to be difficult to herd but she is determined to teach them. The two cats are teaching her proper cat etiquette which does not involve herding. Border Collies need to have a job(s) and Milady loves flyball. She knows the harness means fun and dips her head so I can put it on fast. It’s all about the tug and the ball – we aren’t sure which one she likes the best. Or maybe it’s the cheering from the team when she does a good job. Border collies have a well-deserved reputation and Milady keeps us moving!