Rocket Relay Ruff & Tumble “Rugby” is a 33-lb border collie/staffordshire bull terrier mix born on October 14, 2011. No doubt about it, this guy has moxie. He is tough and intense, and LOVES his tuggie. Like the sport, Rugby is a rough and tumble kinda guy who enjoys entertaining his family and getting them laughing. He is bursting with personality, loves to snuggle, and is super smart. Rugby is great at doing tricks, playing disc, nosework (he has found MANY lost booties in the woods!), swimming, skijoring, and agility. He puts 100% into everything he does.
         Rugby debuted in August 2013, taking the Alaska flyball ring by storm, running solid 3.7 second line-to-line times. His current personal best is 3.675 (3.659 + 0.016 start). Due to his speed and reliability, Rugby has been a main fixture on all FOUR of ADGW’s CanAm Classic Regular class championship wins in Indianapolis, including Division II in 2022 (at the age of 11!), Division I in 2021, Division II in 2019, and Division VI in 2017. In addition to the Division I win, his team set a new ADGW team record of 15.815 seconds. In 2017, Rugby was the recipient of the NAFA Region 18 MVP award. He lives with Pixel, Delta, and Fable.