Sam Naked Keeter (aka “Samwich” and successor to Bare Naked Keeter) was born on April 28, 2010 in Capay, CA, the “love-child” of “Rascal” his Jack Russell Terrier mother and her live-in beau, a mini red Australian Cattle Dog (we like to call him a “Cattle Jack”). Sam moved to Alaska in July 2010 and began his life with Mike and Kelly. Every bit the name-sake of his JRT mother, he is a rascal for sure – high energy, sensitive, intelligent, protective, and hilarious! He began flyball with ADGW in early 2014, and the sport was made for him! In 2017, Sam ran on our regular team that won the CanAm Championship in Division VI. When he’s not practicing flyball, he cross-trains with hiking, running, skiing, playing Frisbee/ball/stick (obsessively), swimming, kayaking, and camping with Mom and Dad…and rough-housing with his best friend, Gus!
        Although most people don’t get to see it, Sam is calm and cuddly in the house (when not playing “indoor ball” with Dad), and his favorite place in the world is cradled in “mommy’s” arms, or curled up in his dad’s lap. The outside world gets to see the bouncy, barky, fun-loving, playful dog that we almost named “Bob” because he barks so much (ref. Bob Barker). The frenetic atmosphere of flyball is perfect for our Sam!! He is always rrrrreeeaaadddy to go!